Upcoming Sunday Themes

During the first few months of 2020 we are having some engaging, relevant sermon series that you are invited to come and join us in as we explore who we are and what God has called us to do and to be. Here are the opening sermon series for 2020:

  1. Songs of our Faith 1/5-2/9-During this engaging series we will look at classic hymns of the Christian faith. We will examine how these songs speak spiritual truth, the scripture passage connected to that hymn, and how these life-changing songs transform us into being the people of God. Some hymns coming up are: It is Well, Amazing Grace, and How Great Thou Art.
  2. The Upper Room. Before Lent we will have a message on the book of Philemon. But, during Lent 3/1-3/29 at Second Ave. Church we will look at Jesus’ final time with His disciples in the Upper Room in John 13-16. These texts will look at Jesus washing the disciple’s feet, the promise of the Holy Spirit, the Vine and the Branches, and more. Come join us!!

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During our 1045 service we have a staffed nursery, children’s moment, and an opportunity for your children from pre k to sixth grade attend our Jr. Church. At 815 we only have a children’s moment at this time.


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