Mission and Outreach

The best way to know what someone REALLY believes is to look at how they live. That’s why you will see there are TONS of mission and outreach activities at 2nd Ave.  – everything from repairs on neighborhood homes to drilling wells in Africa — from an after-school program for kids to mission trips taking us to the mid-west. In the coming weeks we’ll begin listing it all here and telling you how you can get involved.

For now, check out our Faithful Living tab…

Nerve to Serve                                                                                                             Each month an organization or cause is selected and 2nd Ave collects items/donations for that group all month (i.e. Altoona Food Bank, ELM Pregnancy Support Systems…even ministries/missions here at 2nd Ave like our Prayer Shawl Ministry or our Sierra Leone Nerve 2 Serve LOGOMission Team).  We are currently seeking ideas for 2015.  Please submit your ideas on what items can be collected/donated and for what cause or organization.  We only ask that on the first Sunday of the given month someone from that organization or yourself say a few words at each of our worship services.  We will then house the items until the end of the month, then ask that you or a representative from the group pick the items up to make room for the following month’s donations.


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