On Doubting Thomas

Church, we are in the season of Easter. What a glorious time of the year that we can celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Let’s keep celebrating the empty tomb, our resurrected Savior, and the faithful call that He has placed on our lives to go and share the good news! Today I just want to reflect on this interesting but profound piece of scripture in John 20:24-29, the narrative of Thomas doubting the resurrection. In looking at this piece many things come to mind and here are a few observations:

  1. It is okay to doubt. I think we as the body of Christ have this idea that it is wrong to doubt. Wrong to question and wrong to wonder. I do understand the theology that if Jesus said it, scripture recorded it, and we should accept it does have a strong footing in our churches and in many of our lives. However, there are many who that’s not them. Doubt can arise through areas of theology, areas of personal experience, areas of different relationships, or doubt can have its roots in another place. Regardless, I want you to know that God is okay with your doubt. God will not cower away, lose power, or lose authority because of your doubt. It’s okay to question, okay doubt, and okay to wonder.
  2. Work through your doubt. One of the big mistakes we make is to let our doubt fester and let our doubt eat away at our soul. Work through your doubt. Prayer for the questions you may have. Talk with a teacher, pastor, loved one, or a trusted friend about where you are having doubts in your faith and also be humble enough to really listen to what they’ll tell you. The prayer and hope is always that your working through your doubt would strengthen your faith.
  3. Know that God will use your doubt for something great into the future. As human beings there is not one experience that we will encounter that will be in vain. Meaning that the good and bad moments in our lives serve a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is the consequence of our sin, sometimes the purpose is sadly the pain that another person inflicted on us, and sometimes the purpose is not known by us just yet. But God knows the purpose. God works in all experiences of our lives to bring about His glory and to expand His kingdom. So know, that if you are doubting your faith today that God is at work in you. Know that scripture rewards great faith, and finally know that God is with you always.

Covid Guide

Hello, and welcome to Second Ave. UMC’s website we’re glad you are here. As a church we have adapted a COVID-19 policy that applies to our life together, if you are looking to come visit us in person please review our policy so we can ensure your experience with us in person is meaningful and safe.

1) Currently, if you come to our indoor worship service at 8:15 on Sunday mornings we do ask for you to please wear a mask, please sanitize your hands when you enter the sanctuary and when you leave, and please look to remain six feet apart from people not your in family.

2) Please enter Second Ave. Church for our 8:15 or 10:45 service through any of the three doors on our Second Ave. side. The alley door and Second St. door will be locked.

3) Please look to wash your hands for 20 seconds after you use the restroom, and if you could please use the disinfectant spray in the restroom to spray any touched areas that would be appreciated. 

4) If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, have been exposed to someone who has symptoms, or have been around either a person who received a positive test or someone waiting for a test result we do please ask if you could utilize our virtual worship option which will begin Sunday morning at 10:45 on Facebook, if you’d like a link to that service please contact our Church office at 2ndaveumc@gmail.com.

5) This final guideline is tough, but we are asking if you could please refrain from hugs and handshakes that would be greatly appreciated. There are many fantastic ways to show someone you care about them: a wave, a phone call, a conversation, a prayer, or even just a friendly hello. 

Faith in the Ordinary

Church, I am a person who loves big moments. I enjoy parties, weddings, birthdays, celebrations, baptisms, and more. I enjoy and really like the spotlight. I really crave the big moment. But, life is not filled with big moments, in fact life is filled with the ordinary moments. Moments that many of us wouldn’t deem extraordinary or grand but rather just ordinary. These moments shape us. These moments define us. These moments shape who we are and who we will be in the big moments of life, so my question today in this post is how is your faith in the ordinary? How, do you do on a regular day in and day out experience where nothing grand or celebratory occurs? If you’re like most people they go from spiritual high/celebratory moment to the next spiritually high celebratory moment and often times just go through the motions on a regular Tuesday or a slow Friday. It can be really tough to develop and sustain a powerful, vibrant faith in the ordinary moments of life. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Spend time in silence each day. I would encourage you to start with thirty seconds and work your way up. In a world filled with noise and chaos silence is refreshing. Silence is good for the soul, silence also allows our hearts to hear when God speaks be silent.
  2. Listen. Listening is a great personal and also spiritual tool and gift. My encouragement: learn to listen. Listen intently. Listen well. You will be more invested in the ordinary moments in people’s lives if you listen more. Listen.
  3. Finally, and there are many ways to develop a vibrant, faith in the ordinary moments. I encourage you to attend worship regularly, pray constantly, and dive into God’s word. But, my final suggestion is to read something every day that brings you closer to Christ. Read a passage of scripture. Read a daily devotional. Read from different authors of different perspectives. Read from people you may disagree with. You don’t have to agree with them, but it helps to learn where people who disagree with you are coming from. Read something every day that brings you closer to Christ and that will help you develop a vibrant faith in the ordinary.


I’ll be honest these days of COVID-19 have produced beliefs, opinions, articles, arguments, moments of joy, and moments of frustration in a way that I’ve never seen before. We as a society have become more on edge, more frustrated, and more irritable than I have noticed in a long, long time. If you are reading this I will readily admit that I don’t know much about infectious diseases and my scope and experience is limited but I do want to share a few things I’ve noticed.

  1. God didn’t cause COVID-19. I’ve heard people speculate COVID-19 is a judgment, God sent COVID-19 as a way to get people to refocus on Him, and other different speculations about this awful pandemic. God loves people. God loves people so much that He died for them. But, God also gives people free will, humanity has fallen into sin way back in Genesis 3. Humanity fell in Genesis 3, but God also shared that Adam and Eve’s disobedience also affected all of creation as well. With that being said disease, disaster, brokenness, inexplicable pain, death, and fear are all part of a fallen creation. God sees the brokenness. God understands the pain. God has not left us alone during this time. God is moving to bring about a glorious, new future let’s hold on the present. God did not cause COVID-19.
  2. Let kindness be your default reaction. I’ve seen communication from many people over these past several months concerning COVID-19, racism, political topics, and numerous other topics. The default reaction I’ve noticed has been frustration, combative arguing, and name calling, and I must say this breaks my heart. I’m not downplaying anyone’s frustrations, and I cannot possibly know all of what many of you have walked through, but what I can say is how we communicate as believers in Christ show to everyone the inner condition of our heart. Communicate better. Speak kindness, speak life, there will be others who disagree with you. Pray for them, God will correct them, God will guide them, but you are called to love them as you love yourself.
  3. Let us love our neighbor unconditionally. Many have suffered physically during these days, but others have suffered financially, others have suffered emotionally, and others have suffered socially. Let us love one another in ways that show people we care. Let us connect with people over the phone, be intentional in prayer, send letters, support one another through social media, speak kindly about people behind their backs, and let us show the love to one another that God has shown us. We’ll get through this, and we can get through this if we love one another.

Return to In Person Worship


                These past several weeks have been very difficult for many of us. It has been trying, hard, but I do want you to hear that we have not stopped being the church. Period. The church of Jesus Christ is stronger than any pandemic, any separation, or any difficulty that may occur. We are stronger. With the question I hear often, “When is Second Ave. Church opening up?” Well, the good news I have an answer Ad Council voted to resume in person worship on July 5. Please know that many but not all events and gatherings locally during the month of June have been postponed or cancelled. The decision had many factors, but one of the main factors was that Second Ave. United Methodist has many people and all those people are their personal health vary greatly. In our church there are many people who are healthy and if they were to have an illness passed to them or they would get sick they would recover quickly. However, there are many vulnerable, elderly, those with compromised immune systems, those receiving treatment for a variety of health issues: cancer, heart concerns, those who have loved ones with compromised immune systems, and other health concerns. As leaders in the church it was our desire to show everyone the care and intentionality of opening Second Ave. Church in a safe way that allows people who are healthy and those who have health concerns to worship without fear. I know the decision is frustrating for some, a relief for others, and some don’t know how to feel, it is my prayer that you see this decision was met with so much prayer, thought, and I will firmly admit there is not a perfect date to open up, but leadership feels confident that our reopening will be a great celebration! In the mean time it is my encouragement to you as your pastor to connect with people over the phone, connect with people virtually, since we are in the green in Blair county as of tomorrow if you feel comfortable connect with small groups of people in person, pray deeply during these days, and there will be an opportunity in the upcoming weeks for you to connect with me in person about Second Ave. Church’s Covid-19 response I want to hear you, I want to pray with you, I want to dream what the church can be with you, I want to mourn with you, and I want to celebrate with you. Thank-you for understanding.

                As some of you read that, I’m sure there are feelings of relief, some feelings of anger, some feelings of concern, and some feelings that are all over the place. Here is the explanation for the date: based on the guidance of the Bishop and cabinet of our annual conference we still even in the green phase need to abide by guidelines from the CDC. There is an enormous amount of work to do from now until 7/5, some of that includes having a detailed seating plan, having enough supplies to properly clean the church after each worship gathering, properly communicating what is asked of each person during a worship experience, acquiring volunteers to usher people into their seats before and after a worship experience, communicating to families with children what they can expect as they come to a worship experience on a Sunday morning, opening up the wall and providing additional seating in the Elevation Room, and more. As your Pastor, I deeply miss you, I desire to be in person with you so badly, and I know that in terms of answers for how to respond to COVID-19. It is very hard to determine the when of opening but Ad Council we were very focused on the how we opened up. The Church council would like to open up in a safe, well-communicated way, that allows all people to worship without any fear.

During the survey that was sent out last month in terms of Second Ave.’s Covid-19, the survey results were fairly varied. Some were all on board with opening immediately and others were more cautious, with that being said a few things were fairly consistent: people were almost unanimously on board with doing what is asked of them in worship, people were very pleased with the steps leadership has taken during the pandemic as of 5/20. So, I want to say thank you for being the church, thank you for being patient, thank you for not stopping ministry, and thank you for understanding the level of difficulty and complexity of navigating the COVID-19 pandemic in a safe, responsible way.

This decision and conversation was met with great prayer, understanding, it was my intention to for Ad Council to see this through a theological lens. Theologically Jesus cared for all people, He loved all people. He loved people in disagreement. He loved all people, and His ministry was a transformative one that made people better. Jesus especially cared for the vulnerable in His society and continues to care about the vulnerable ones in our society today. Those vulnerable in our society today are the people with compromised immune systems, the elderly, the sick, and the young in our society and especially in our church. We are called to care for them, about them, and care for their well-being. Part of John Wesley’s three rules is: Do No Harm. Our goal is to make sure our re-opening is well executed, well communicated, follows the guidelines from the Bishop and Cabinet, and does no harm.  

I know you have read a lot of information, but I do want to share some first guidelines with you in this letter. The plan is to communicate the full plan by email, Facebook, and postal mail within the week. I do plan to have two times to meet with people to answer questions, share concerns, spend time in prayer, and provided guidance. I do want you to know this will not be forever, once the situation with COVID-19 becomes clearer the conversation will be had about which restrictions can be loosened and when. It is my desire to have that conversation during the early part of August. Here are some things you can begin to expect:

1)      For the time being you will be asked to wear a mask to enter and leave the building. If you feel comfortable removing your mask once you are at your seat that is your decision. 

2)      For the time being you will be asked to refrain from hugs and handshakes, please greet one another verbally, please send cards, please call one another on the phone, but for the time being please refrain from greeting one another with hugs and handshakes.

3)      Both services: will be blessed with wonderfully beautiful music. It is my desire to showcase the gifts and talents of our wonderfully blessed music community. Due to numerous studies and guidance from the Bishop and Cabinet singing for the time being in a church setting has been discouraged. Please sing at home. Please sing in the car, please sing outdoors, but due to guidance of the Bishop and Cabinet we are discouraging singing just for the time being.

Thank you for being the church. Thank you for loving Jesus. Get ready. Be prepared we are coming back! Our brothers and sisters at Juniata United Methodist Church will be coming back for in person worship as well on 7/5/2020. Please stay tuned for more information as we move closer to the time. It is my desire that we can incorporate many people to serve as we desire to open up in a safe, effective way.

It is with great joy that I do want to share that Rise Up Sports Camp will be occurring this summer. The camp will be held from 7/20-7/24 at a local park in the area. Stay tuned for more information. A sign up sheet for the church picnic will be going around here soon, the church picnic will be held on Saturday July 25. The Corn Boil is a go for this summer! It will be held on Saturday August 8. The Food bank, Hope Chest, and Soup and Sandwich Luncheon will be all be operating this summer, and my prayer is that you would consider being a part of these life giving ministries.


Pastor B

On Times of Uncertainty

Friends, these most certainly are challenging and uncertain times. One of the most challenging things during this time is there is not a certain end date and most people are very uncertain as to what the end will look like. That makes life tough. But, friends I want to remind you that numerous times throughout God’s salvation story times have been tough for His people. My encouragement is to not mask if you’re having trouble, don’t hide it, reach out to a trusted friend, small group leader, teacher, spouse, neighbor, fellow church member, or co-worker. We will get through these times, but in the mean time let us be there for one another during times of uncertainty. Here are a few reminders about God during these times that I encourage you to share with others:

  1. God is with you, even in the midst of the valley of the shadow of death. (Psalm 23:4) You won’t be alone.
  2. The joy of the Lord is your strength. (Nehemiah 8:7) You know where to find your true joy and where strength can be found.
  3. Jesus has left you His peace. (John 14:27) In the midst of uncertainty, chaos, and fear you can claim an unconditional peace only found in Christ.
  4. The Lord is your light and salvation. You don’t have to be afraid. (Psalm 27:1)
  5. In the end God wins. (Revelation 21:1-3) Let’s stay faithful, connected, and with each other knowing that God has us and will always have us.

The Word Has Come

In John 1:1-18, we are blessed to have a beautiful prologue to one of the most compelling, life changing pieces of literature ever written: the gospel of John. John begins the Gospel with a powerful image: Jesus as the word. In the Greek the word, word, is logos. Logos is more than just a simple word spoken. Logos is a life changing, paradigm shifting word that gives power, word that brings truth, and word that equips the person to live their life to the fullest.

This text is a great reminder of God’s salvation history. 1) The word was with God in the beginning. This distinction is important because the Father and the Son are both God. The Son has the power and authority to create, forgive sins, and redeem humanity. The Word was with God and the Word is God.

2) The prologue continues by reminding us of the clear contrast between light and darkness. The darkness is shown in this text as really pervasive and extensive, however the great comfort and promise is found in the truth that the darkness will not overcome the light. What a great truth, no matter how hard, how challenging, how daunting, the darkness is it will never overcome the light.

3) Finally, in the prologue we see the goal of salvation: God becoming a human being. I love how Eugene Peterson translates John 1:14, “The Word became flesh and moved into the neighborhood.” God is here. He’s not going anywhere, and we have that great promise and truth this Christmas.

The End of Time

Friends, one of the more challenging epistles in scripture is John’s Revelation. In this gripping narrative John the Apostle is blessed to see many revelations through the power of the Holy Spirit of what the end of time will look like. My encouragement for all of us is to know what this powerful text says, to allow the text to fill us with wisdom, and to use the text as a preview of what is to come. Here are a few things I want to highlight in John’s Revelation:

  1. Pay attention to the letters to the churches. In Revelation 2-3 we see seven letters written to the churches of Asia Minor these letters were written many believe between 93-96 AD. These letters contain an admonition, warning, promise, and observation, these letters all have very powerful teachings to say to the church. We are called to be hot, not lukewarm (3:16), aware that God knows our deeds (3:8), and to wake up and be observant (3:2). This is not just prophetic literature this is good advice to the church of today: in the present there are too many churches that care about buildings over outreach, traditions of the past rather than addressing necessary needs in the present, and would rather be inward focus than outward committed. Those are just a few actions of lukewarm churches. It is time to be on fire for our faith! One of the great truths is that God fully knows us, who we are, and what we’ve done. What a freeing thought!! We can be real, open, and authentic in the presence of God. You don’t have to have it all together, because God already does. Rest in that great knowledge today, and it is time to be real and open in God’s presence:)

Stay tune for more insight on the book of Revelation!!

The Beginning of the End

Throughout the next several weeks in church we will be looking at the book of Revelation during our worship time. This challenging book is one that gives us a glimpse at the end of time, and it is a reminder for all believers as Billy Graham so eloquently says, “I’ve read the last page, and I know that we win.” This is a challenging text, I’m not going to lie, but it is a text that when we understand a few things it can make reading it a little easier.

  1. There will be great chaos, but God will never lose control. I’m constantly in awe of the great control of God. Many times I look at our world, and I shudder thinking that God is losing control amidst all of the chaos. But, He never does. God allows us complete freedom while never losing control. Rest easy in that thought my friends. There has never been a point in human history where God has ever lost control, and He certainly will not during the end of time.
  2. God knows you and God understands you. During the midst of living in the chaotic soon to be end of days, and if you read Jesus’ prophecy in Luke 21 about the end of time it certainly seems we are there. My encouragement is for you never to forget that God knows you, He has a deep, loving knowledge of who you are. God knows your hopes and dreams, but He also knows your fears and disappointments. Even in the midst of your failures and your weakness, and I believe the end of time will bring about a lot of failure and weakness from many people who do love Jesus, please know God understands and is ready to restore you and to guide you in the paths of righteousness.


Friends, this is an amazing journey. Let us celebrate, learn, and grow together for God is about to do something great in and through our midst.

Second Chances

This Sunday we are so blessed to be able to conclude our series on discipleship here at Second Ave. Church. During this journey we’ve looked at Peter, John, Phillip, Nathanael, Judas, and we’ll conclude by looking at Paul. This series has shown us many things, both good and bad for us as God’s children to incorporate into our discipleship journey. Here are a few things to highlight in this post.

  1. God uses ordinary people. With the exception of the Apostle Paul, most of the disciples were not chosen on merit, but rather on faithfulness. Granted all the disciples of Jesus grew, were equipped, and well prepared to live out the Great Commission, when they were called they were normal, ordinary tradesmen. Wherever your station in life is at the moment rest assured God can and will use you!
  2. Faithfulness should be our measuring tool, not success. It is really hard to be an enthusiastic, committed disciple of Jesus Christ when you’re not seeing fruits from your labor. Look at your efforts through the lens of faithfulness. Are you showing up? Are you faithfully praying for your church, its leadership, and mission? Are you a committed spouse? Parent? Son or Daughter? Are you showing support and devotion to your family? Are you faithfully giving financially where you can? Faithfully giving your time when you can? If you answered yes to all or a few of those questions know that God is using you and will continue to use your faithfulness to expand and make the Kingdom more apparent.
  3. Go in grace! In the Gospels Jesus sends His disciples out on numerous occasions. We as the people of God are always called to go and change the world. You’re not called to look like the world, embrace the world’s values, think like the world thinks, or be found in the world. God has called you to go and change the world. Now, is the time to go:)

Truth, Obedience, and Discipleship

Friends, we need more people in our world today who love truth. Their is a dearth of people who believe in absolute truth as taught in the word of God and tradition of our church, and that is a problem. However, the good news is God is still on the throne, God is not shaken by any of this, and in the end as Billy Graham says so well, “I’ve read the last page of the book, and we win.” But, in the meantime as we desire to live into who we are as people who live to establish the Kingdom of God through the work of the Holy Spirit, what happens in the present? The good news is discipleship looks different for different people, but it all has the same end: a renewed love and passion to know and live for Jesus Christ.

  1. Learn to be obedient in small things. One of the most compelling stories in the gospels is Jesus telling the parable of the talents. In this text, three men are given a certain amount of talents. One man was given five, another two, and the last man was given just one talent. The understanding from the master who gave each man a certain amount of talents was that they would be obedient and acquire more talents through the talents they had been given. The first man doubles his talents and now has ten. The second does the same and now has four talents. The third man, tells the master that since he was afraid of him, he hides his talent in the ground.

Unfortunately, the master is furious with the third man over his laziness and disobedience, so he throws him out of his house into the darkness. The narrative ends on a chilling note, but it does have quite a bit we can learn from it: 1) You are blessed with gifts. You have a certain gift or for quite a few of us gifts that you are blessed with and can use to bring God glory. Use your gift. Use your gift to bless others, and you will be amazed at what God can do. 2) Obedience comes in using your God given gift. Obedience is often seen a negative light where someone is yelling at someone to obey them and listen. Obedience is positive. It is freeing. Obedience is best understood as using your spiritual gift (s) and living as your were created to be. Use your gift! 3) Encourage others to use their gifts as well. The third man in this text was afraid and uncertain, wouldn’t it have been amazing if he had good people that came along side and encouraged him to use his talent? I know this story is a parable, but it symbolizes a lot of real life scenarios, we need good people to encourage others to use their gifts for the glory of God.


Encourage someone today. Believe in someone today. Pray for someone today.

Living Into the Resurrection

Friends, we are children of the Resurrection. We worship on Sunday because that was the day that Jesus rose from the dead. But, what does living into the resurrection look like in the hear and now? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. For Resurrection to occur something has to die. That’s one of the toughest things for us to wrap our minds around, many times we as human beings want the joy of resurrection without having to have anything die. My encouragement is to die to yourself, die to your desires, die to your wants, die to your hopes, and dreams. But, allow God to resurrect His dreams, allow God to fill your heart with what His heart cares about. Resurrection only works when something dies.
  2. Vocalize progress. Living into the resurrection is a process. Many times people take big steps, but for a lot of people the process is much slower. But celebrate and vocalize progress. Celebrate when someone has a spiritual victory. Rejoice with them in victory, learn to offer ways to improve, but be very intentional about celebrating success.
  3. Finally, be present with people. Be with them in good times or bad. Pray with them. Love them. Encourage them. Life is meant to be together with people. Be with them.

The Journey to Joy

In our journey through the book of Ruth this month, one of the most common themes is this journey from grief, hurt, confusion, loss, towards joy. Essentially, how do we as human beings move towards the blessing and promise? That is an easy question to ask, but it can be a particularly hard question to understand. I hope the ideas below help to bring some clarity.

  1. Understand your situation. One of the most common mistakes we make is to not fully understand why we’re in the tough situation we find ourselves in currently. Wrestle with and try to understand where you may be at fault, and begin to understand the smaller decisions that led to the current moment of trouble. The hurt and pain you are experiencing more than likely you had some part to play in it. Now, I’m not saying that you have to beat yourself up, but it is important to understand how you arrived at the moment you’re experiencing. So, understand, learn, and grow from the situation.
  2. In Ruth the answer is present, but it is not one that many like to hear: Ruth works and Ruth takes a big risk. Ruth shows that move forward in life many times prayer and hard work are the answer. I love what renowned author and preacher Charles Spurgeon says, “Work as though it all depended on you, but pray as it all depended on God.” Let’s learn how to work hard at work, in our relationships, in our home, and in our love and admiration for God. Ruth in chapter 3 takes a big risk by lying at Boaz’s feet. A foreign woman was not supposed to do this. But, Ruth takes a risk, trusts Naomi’s idea, and in the end is redeemed and now has a home and a family. Don’t get me wrong, risks do have inherit risks and can fail. But, we serve a God who desires His children to risk and step out in faith. So, don’t be afraid. Trust in the promise of God, and know that God will provide.
  3. Ruth is patient. Boaz drops quite a bombshell on her in chapter 3: someone else is closer to redeem you than I. Ruth returns to Naomi in the end of chapter 3, and she is instructed quite simply to be patient as Boaz will complete it all today. Friends in your journey be patient. God will show up and lead you to where you need to go.

Great is Thy Faithfulness

I do apologize I’m not a super prolific blog writer. I hope to become much better:) Friends, we have been on an amazing journey through the book of Ruth these past two weeks and will finish up here in the next two weeks. If you haven’t been on this journey with us you are invited to come and experience what God is doing through this powerful story of pain, loss, drama, heartbreak, and ultimately redemption and faithfulness. God is good. God is faithful. The story of Ruth reminds us of that in powerful ways. Here are a few things to remember.

  1. Pain and loss are part of life’s journey. Ruth and Naomi in this powerful story endure heartbreak, pain, loss, and death in ways that many of us have experienced. The picture here is a reminder that even in the midst of loss and grief God is with you. You don’t have feel alone or abandoned. Now, in the moment of trial it can seem easy to forget how much and how great God loves you. But, we’re reminded in this story how God provides and how God takes tough situations and brings about great blessing for those who remain faithful. Wherever you find yourself at you’ll need to trust God, and let your trust be great and unconditional. Trust God to help heal your past, make sense of your present, and guide your future. Regardless of your situation, trust God and know that He is for you.
  2. People are many times what God uses to answer prayers. I challenge you to really wrestle with this notion: what are the instruments or the tools that God uses to answer prayers? Now, I believe in a powerful, big God who can use and do anything He pleases. However, God chooses many times to use people to answer prayers. When we pray for healing God sends people in our lives to encourage, comfort, and bless us. When we pray for wisdom God has a way of bringing people to us who often have great and wise things to say. One of the primary ways God answers prayers is through people. As chapter 2 unfolds I encourage you to see that Boaz is a redeemer, family member, but also an answer to Naomi and Ruth’s prayer. Boaz is generous, kind, and willing to give Ruth a chance. This week I challenge you to be generous, be kind, and give someone a chance. You’ll be amazed at how God can open doors.