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Samuel’s Steps of Faith

Samuel 3:1-10 

Samuel’s first step of faith is taken by someone else (his family) that step is bringing him to be part of the worship of God and the ways of God’s family.

The second step in Samuel’s faith journey is that he lives alongside worshipers of God, and learns to live and act like a follower of God. This is still before he comes to faith in God.

Third, Samuel is trained in the things of God. Learning how to minister before the Lord. This is also before he comes to faith.

The fourth step for Samuel is that he hears God’s call.

The Fifth step in his journey of faith is that Samuel acknowledges God  by faith, and with the help of another.

Then sixth, Samuel accepts God’s instruction and carries out the work of the God as his Lord.

Where are you in these steps of faith? Would you like someone to help, to provide a little guidance or prayer. We will be so happy to help you. If you are a woman or girl we’ll point you to a woman who can help you on your faith journey. If you are a guy, we’ll have a guy team with you. We’ll keep you in our prayers as well.


Below is a summary of Samuel’s steps of faith. If you are already part of our faith community you have two evangelistic responsibilities:

  1. Make sure you help live the love of God and the forgiveness of Jesus into our faith community, so people who come here can taste and see that the Lord is good.
  2. Invite friends, relatives, associates and neighbors to be part of this faith community.

Samuel’s Steps of Faith for Today

1. Become part of the faith community
2. Learn to live like a follower of God
3. Be trained to serve God
4. Hear God’s call
5. Acknowledge God by faith, with the help of another
6. Accept the responsibilities God has for you in this faith community







They devoted themselves to their “shared meals”: Acts 2:42

On Sunday, I challenged us to be devoted to sharing together in the meal that forms our identity as children of God. Here are the four actions I’m proposing:

1. (Family Level) Begin now to find creative ways to retell the whole story over a meal at home.
From the Creation to Jesus’ return, be sure to stress our part in the story.
2. (Personal Level) If you don’t know the story, the whole story, It’s seriously time to learn it. Stay tuned for a Sunday School hour program of 5-6 weeks on learning to tell The Story
3. (Church Level) Don’t miss Communion! It forms you into the image of Christ.
4. (Pastor Level) It’s on me and the worship planning team to find ways to enhance the Holy Communion experience to make it more effective at building our identity as part of God’s grand story.

Let me know how I can help you.

“Do you think you are who they say you are?”

That question is a famous line from the mouth of Judas in the rock opera, Jesus Christ – Superstar. In Superstar, Judas also asks, “Who are you? What have you sacrificed?” I don’t know how Tim Rice, the lyricist for Superstar, expected us to react to those questions. However, I think these are really important questions that every Christian should ask and have settled in their own mind.

During the weeks leading to Easter, here are the questions to be thinking about and using to search the scriptures. How would you answer those questions?

  • Who did people in Jesus’ day say he was?
  • Where they right? If not how so?
  • Who did Jesus say he was?
  • What did Jesus Sacrifice?

We’ll be working on these together in worship over the weeks leading to Easter 2015.

Our 2015 Plan – Final thoughts

So we’ve seen that the “Why” of our 2015 plan – of our life-plan –  is because the King is returning and he plans to reward us all as or actions deserve. The “WHAT” of our plan is the Great Commission to go make disciples of all nations, and the “HOW” of our plan is to “LOVE” each other and the world using God’s resources to create an eternal family — a family that calls us all into God’s love. These points are not simply optional, spiritual-development goals, this IS the life of a believer as God has defined it. How will these three corners of God’s life framework be the frame for your 2015?

The best way to start is to include a bit of each of these points in your schedule and plan for 2015. Think about the challenges I made each week. (1) Be able to identify the things you are doing that count beyond this age – that gain eternal reward. Write them down and be sure they get priority. (2) Choose one mission/ministry where you will serve and one where you will invite others to join you? (3) Invite someone you don’t know well to share a meal and to create an eternal friendship together.

Take some time to intentionally plan how these three strategies will be included in your life in 2015. Then, on a monthly basis, do a self-check to see if you are on track at working the plan. Jesus Christ is your model. Turn to him often in your pursuit. And The Holy Spirit is given to you to assure that you have the power and wisdom to succeed at these Kingdom strategies. God’s blessing on your 2015 plan!! It will be amazing and the end of the year to look back and see the progress for God’s loving reign.


Plan the work, then work the plan – 2015

Plan the work 2“Plan the work, then work the plan. Have you heard this phase? It turns up where anyone really wants to succeed at their objective. In Lewis Carroll’s story, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat makes this same point in the negative, saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.”

If we hold our personal life-plans up to these tests, how would we fare? Have we a plan or are we just letting ourselves end up where we may? If we have plans, what are they based on?  Why are we on this planet, What is it we are to do and how are we to do it.

During the remainder of January, on Sundays at 8:15 and 10:45, we’ll look at some guidance from scripture regarding a 2015 life-plan – a plan that would come from the very center of God’s heart for us. The Why, The What, the How. – Don’t miss this! Come be part of our Worship at Second Ave.