Prayer Vigil!

We need a few more leaders for our prayer vigil. Will you lead an hour? We are praying and fasting this month, asking for God to send a fresh fire of God’s Holy Spirit into our hearts, lives and our community. This vigil will take place on 11/22-11/23. Everyone who is not leading an hour, please sign up at church to pray with one of the leaders for an hour.Continue reading “Prayer Vigil!”

Reading the Bible for Spiritual Maturity

I’ve challenged you to add a commentary to you Bible reading plan, so that you gain insights into the original culture and world. This will help you understand the passage the same way the first hearers and readers did. Bottom line, beginning Bible study by understanding this FIRST MEANING of the passage helps us better interpret it for our lives in our day. Follow this link to find recommended commentaries on the Psalms specifically, and on other Bible books in general. 

On 10/26/14 my challenge is to read the passage you are studying several times:Continue reading “Reading the Bible for Spiritual Maturity”