Worship – 24/7/365

We believe that full devotion to Jesus Christ is normal for a believer. We believe God speaks to individuals in a variety of ways, yet for the same purpose of life transformation in Christ.

Experience God with us through worship, personal devotion, prayer and other spiritual disciplines

Traditional Worship Service (8:15 AM) – This service consists of hymns, organ music, responsive readings and times of prayer and preaching. Often our Sanctuary Choir or Bell Choir will also add to the worship.

Informal/Contemporary Sunday Worship Service (10:45 AM) – This service utilizes an entire praise team (piano, guitar, bass, drums, and a number of singers) and contemporary Christian music selections. We also utilize drama and dance teams during this worship time, in conjunction with times of prayer and preaching.

Oxygen – This is our monthly congregational prayer gathering. Join us at 7 PM on the second Wednesday of the month. Click here for more info.

E-mail Prayer Requests – E-mail prayer requests are shared via email weekdays. To be added to the mailing list, or to share prayer concerns or joys, please e-mail the church at 2ndaveumc@verizon.net.

Circle of Prayer – This phone chain for prayer requests is also available. please contact the office to be part of this 24/7 worship activity – 2ndaveumc@verizon.net.

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