On Doubting Thomas

Church, we are in the season of Easter. What a glorious time of the year that we can celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Let’s keep celebrating the empty tomb, our resurrected Savior, and the faithful call that He has placed on our lives to go and share the good news! Today I just want to reflect on this interesting but profound piece of scripture in John 20:24-29, the narrative of Thomas doubting the resurrection. In looking at this piece many things come to mind and here are a few observations:

  1. It is okay to doubt. I think we as the body of Christ have this idea that it is wrong to doubt. Wrong to question and wrong to wonder. I do understand the theology that if Jesus said it, scripture recorded it, and we should accept it does have a strong footing in our churches and in many of our lives. However, there are many who that’s not them. Doubt can arise through areas of theology, areas of personal experience, areas of different relationships, or doubt can have its roots in another place. Regardless, I want you to know that God is okay with your doubt. God will not cower away, lose power, or lose authority because of your doubt. It’s okay to question, okay doubt, and okay to wonder.
  2. Work through your doubt. One of the big mistakes we make is to let our doubt fester and let our doubt eat away at our soul. Work through your doubt. Prayer for the questions you may have. Talk with a teacher, pastor, loved one, or a trusted friend about where you are having doubts in your faith and also be humble enough to really listen to what they’ll tell you. The prayer and hope is always that your working through your doubt would strengthen your faith.
  3. Know that God will use your doubt for something great into the future. As human beings there is not one experience that we will encounter that will be in vain. Meaning that the good and bad moments in our lives serve a purpose. Sometimes that purpose is the consequence of our sin, sometimes the purpose is sadly the pain that another person inflicted on us, and sometimes the purpose is not known by us just yet. But God knows the purpose. God works in all experiences of our lives to bring about His glory and to expand His kingdom. So know, that if you are doubting your faith today that God is at work in you. Know that scripture rewards great faith, and finally know that God is with you always.
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