Faith in the Ordinary

Church, I am a person who loves big moments. I enjoy parties, weddings, birthdays, celebrations, baptisms, and more. I enjoy and really like the spotlight. I really crave the big moment. But, life is not filled with big moments, in fact life is filled with the ordinary moments. Moments that many of us wouldn’t deem extraordinary or grand but rather just ordinary. These moments shape us. These moments define us. These moments shape who we are and who we will be in the big moments of life, so my question today in this post is how is your faith in the ordinary? How, do you do on a regular day in and day out experience where nothing grand or celebratory occurs? If you’re like most people they go from spiritual high/celebratory moment to the next spiritually high celebratory moment and often times just go through the motions on a regular Tuesday or a slow Friday. It can be really tough to develop and sustain a powerful, vibrant faith in the ordinary moments of life. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Spend time in silence each day. I would encourage you to start with thirty seconds and work your way up. In a world filled with noise and chaos silence is refreshing. Silence is good for the soul, silence also allows our hearts to hear when God speaks be silent.
  2. Listen. Listening is a great personal and also spiritual tool and gift. My encouragement: learn to listen. Listen intently. Listen well. You will be more invested in the ordinary moments in people’s lives if you listen more. Listen.
  3. Finally, and there are many ways to develop a vibrant, faith in the ordinary moments. I encourage you to attend worship regularly, pray constantly, and dive into God’s word. But, my final suggestion is to read something every day that brings you closer to Christ. Read a passage of scripture. Read a daily devotional. Read from different authors of different perspectives. Read from people you may disagree with. You don’t have to agree with them, but it helps to learn where people who disagree with you are coming from. Read something every day that brings you closer to Christ and that will help you develop a vibrant faith in the ordinary.
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