I’ll be honest these days of COVID-19 have produced beliefs, opinions, articles, arguments, moments of joy, and moments of frustration in a way that I’ve never seen before. We as a society have become more on edge, more frustrated, and more irritable than I have noticed in a long, long time. If you are reading this I will readily admit that I don’t know much about infectious diseases and my scope and experience is limited but I do want to share a few things I’ve noticed.

  1. God didn’t cause COVID-19. I’ve heard people speculate COVID-19 is a judgment, God sent COVID-19 as a way to get people to refocus on Him, and other different speculations about this awful pandemic. God loves people. God loves people so much that He died for them. But, God also gives people free will, humanity has fallen into sin way back in Genesis 3. Humanity fell in Genesis 3, but God also shared that Adam and Eve’s disobedience also affected all of creation as well. With that being said disease, disaster, brokenness, inexplicable pain, death, and fear are all part of a fallen creation. God sees the brokenness. God understands the pain. God has not left us alone during this time. God is moving to bring about a glorious, new future let’s hold on the present. God did not cause COVID-19.
  2. Let kindness be your default reaction. I’ve seen communication from many people over these past several months concerning COVID-19, racism, political topics, and numerous other topics. The default reaction I’ve noticed has been frustration, combative arguing, and name calling, and I must say this breaks my heart. I’m not downplaying anyone’s frustrations, and I cannot possibly know all of what many of you have walked through, but what I can say is how we communicate as believers in Christ show to everyone the inner condition of our heart. Communicate better. Speak kindness, speak life, there will be others who disagree with you. Pray for them, God will correct them, God will guide them, but you are called to love them as you love yourself.
  3. Let us love our neighbor unconditionally. Many have suffered physically during these days, but others have suffered financially, others have suffered emotionally, and others have suffered socially. Let us love one another in ways that show people we care. Let us connect with people over the phone, be intentional in prayer, send letters, support one another through social media, speak kindly about people behind their backs, and let us show the love to one another that God has shown us. We’ll get through this, and we can get through this if we love one another.
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