The End of Time

Friends, one of the more challenging epistles in scripture is John’s Revelation. In this gripping narrative John the Apostle is blessed to see many revelations through the power of the Holy Spirit of what the end of time will look like. My encouragement for all of us is to know what this powerful text says, to allow the text to fill us with wisdom, and to use the text as a preview of what is to come. Here are a few things I want to highlight in John’s Revelation:

  1. Pay attention to the letters to the churches. In Revelation 2-3 we see seven letters written to the churches of Asia Minor these letters were written many believe between 93-96 AD. These letters contain an admonition, warning, promise, and observation, these letters all have very powerful teachings to say to the church. We are called to be hot, not lukewarm (3:16), aware that God knows our deeds (3:8), and to wake up and be observant (3:2). This is not just prophetic literature this is good advice to the church of today: in the present there are too many churches that care about buildings over outreach, traditions of the past rather than addressing necessary needs in the present, and would rather be inward focus than outward committed. Those are just a few actions of lukewarm churches. It is time to be on fire for our faith! One of the great truths is that God fully knows us, who we are, and what we’ve done. What a freeing thought!! We can be real, open, and authentic in the presence of God. You don’t have to have it all together, because God already does. Rest in that great knowledge today, and it is time to be real and open in God’s presence:)

Stay tune for more insight on the book of Revelation!!

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