The Beginning of the End

Throughout the next several weeks in church we will be looking at the book of Revelation during our worship time. This challenging book is one that gives us a glimpse at the end of time, and it is a reminder for all believers as Billy Graham so eloquently says, “I’ve read the last page, and I know that we win.” This is a challenging text, I’m not going to lie, but it is a text that when we understand a few things it can make reading it a little easier.

  1. There will be great chaos, but God will never lose control. I’m constantly in awe of the great control of God. Many times I look at our world, and I shudder thinking that God is losing control amidst all of the chaos. But, He never does. God allows us complete freedom while never losing control. Rest easy in that thought my friends. There has never been a point in human history where God has ever lost control, and He certainly will not during the end of time.
  2. God knows you and God understands you. During the midst of living in the chaotic soon to be end of days, and if you read Jesus’ prophecy in Luke 21 about the end of time it certainly seems we are there. My encouragement is for you never to forget that God knows you, He has a deep, loving knowledge of who you are. God knows your hopes and dreams, but He also knows your fears and disappointments. Even in the midst of your failures and your weakness, and I believe the end of time will bring about a lot of failure and weakness from many people who do love Jesus, please know God understands and is ready to restore you and to guide you in the paths of righteousness.


Friends, this is an amazing journey. Let us celebrate, learn, and grow together for God is about to do something great in and through our midst.

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