Second Chances

This Sunday we are so blessed to be able to conclude our series on discipleship here at Second Ave. Church. During this journey we’ve looked at Peter, John, Phillip, Nathanael, Judas, and we’ll conclude by looking at Paul. This series has shown us many things, both good and bad for us as God’s children to incorporate into our discipleship journey. Here are a few things to highlight in this post.

  1. God uses ordinary people. With the exception of the Apostle Paul, most of the disciples were not chosen on merit, but rather on faithfulness. Granted all the disciples of Jesus grew, were equipped, and well prepared to live out the Great Commission, when they were called they were normal, ordinary tradesmen. Wherever your station in life is at the moment rest assured God can and will use you!
  2. Faithfulness should be our measuring tool, not success. It is really hard to be an enthusiastic, committed disciple of Jesus Christ when you’re not seeing fruits from your labor. Look at your efforts through the lens of faithfulness. Are you showing up? Are you faithfully praying for your church, its leadership, and mission? Are you a committed spouse? Parent? Son or Daughter? Are you showing support and devotion to your family? Are you faithfully giving financially where you can? Faithfully giving your time when you can? If you answered yes to all or a few of those questions know that God is using you and will continue to use your faithfulness to expand and make the Kingdom more apparent.
  3. Go in grace! In the Gospels Jesus sends His disciples out on numerous occasions. We as the people of God are always called to go and change the world. You’re not called to look like the world, embrace the world’s values, think like the world thinks, or be found in the world. God has called you to go and change the world. Now, is the time to go:)
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