Truth, Obedience, and Discipleship

Friends, we need more people in our world today who love truth. Their is a dearth of people who believe in absolute truth as taught in the word of God and tradition of our church, and that is a problem. However, the good news is God is still on the throne, God is not shaken by any of this, and in the end as Billy Graham says so well, “I’ve read the last page of the book, and we win.” But, in the meantime as we desire to live into who we are as people who live to establish the Kingdom of God through the work of the Holy Spirit, what happens in the present? The good news is discipleship looks different for different people, but it all has the same end: a renewed love and passion to know and live for Jesus Christ.

  1. Learn to be obedient in small things. One of the most compelling stories in the gospels is Jesus telling the parable of the talents. In this text, three men are given a certain amount of talents. One man was given five, another two, and the last man was given just one talent. The understanding from the master who gave each man a certain amount of talents was that they would be obedient and acquire more talents through the talents they had been given. The first man doubles his talents and now has ten. The second does the same and now has four talents. The third man, tells the master that since he was afraid of him, he hides his talent in the ground.

Unfortunately, the master is furious with the third man over his laziness and disobedience, so he throws him out of his house into the darkness. The narrative ends on a chilling note, but it does have quite a bit we can learn from it: 1) You are blessed with gifts. You have a certain gift or for quite a few of us gifts that you are blessed with and can use to bring God glory. Use your gift. Use your gift to bless others, and you will be amazed at what God can do. 2) Obedience comes in using your God given gift. Obedience is often seen a negative light where someone is yelling at someone to obey them and listen. Obedience is positive. It is freeing. Obedience is best understood as using your spiritual gift (s) and living as your were created to be. Use your gift! 3) Encourage others to use their gifts as well. The third man in this text was afraid and uncertain, wouldn’t it have been amazing if he had good people that came along side and encouraged him to use his talent? I know this story is a parable, but it symbolizes a lot of real life scenarios, we need good people to encourage others to use their gifts for the glory of God.


Encourage someone today. Believe in someone today. Pray for someone today.

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