The Journey to Joy

In our journey through the book of Ruth this month, one of the most common themes is this journey from grief, hurt, confusion, loss, towards joy. Essentially, how do we as human beings move towards the blessing and promise? That is an easy question to ask, but it can be a particularly hard question to understand. I hope the ideas below help to bring some clarity.

  1. Understand your situation. One of the most common mistakes we make is to not fully understand why we’re in the tough situation we find ourselves in currently. Wrestle with and try to understand where you may be at fault, and begin to understand the smaller decisions that led to the current moment of trouble. The hurt and pain you are experiencing more than likely you had some part to play in it. Now, I’m not saying that you have to beat yourself up, but it is important to understand how you arrived at the moment you’re experiencing. So, understand, learn, and grow from the situation.
  2. In Ruth the answer is present, but it is not one that many like to hear: Ruth works and Ruth takes a big risk. Ruth shows that move forward in life many times prayer and hard work are the answer. I love what renowned author and preacher Charles Spurgeon says, “Work as though it all depended on you, but pray as it all depended on God.” Let’s learn how to work hard at work, in our relationships, in our home, and in our love and admiration for God. Ruth in chapter 3 takes a big risk by lying at Boaz’s feet. A foreign woman was not supposed to do this. But, Ruth takes a risk, trusts Naomi’s idea, and in the end is redeemed and now has a home and a family. Don’t get me wrong, risks do have inherit risks and can fail. But, we serve a God who desires His children to risk and step out in faith. So, don’t be afraid. Trust in the promise of God, and know that God will provide.
  3. Ruth is patient. Boaz drops quite a bombshell on her in chapter 3: someone else is closer to redeem you than I. Ruth returns to Naomi in the end of chapter 3, and she is instructed quite simply to be patient as Boaz will complete it all today. Friends in your journey be patient. God will show up and lead you to where you need to go.
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