Living into the Resurrection

Friends, what a joy it was yesterday to walk with the women to the tomb and find it out that it was in fact empty! Christ has Risen! Those three words are words of love, words of hope, and words of life. But, I don’t want us to hear those words and think they bare no meaning in the present. Those aren’t just good words of the past or a hope for the future. Rather the words, He has Risen, are for us now. Here are a few ways that we as God’s people can live faithfully into the resurrection.

  1.  Being kind and being grateful

One of the main characteristics people should always say of Christians is they are kind and grateful people. Sadly, that is not always the case. Living into the Resurrection helps us see life as God only always intended it to be. We as humans are loved and precious. When we live life through the lens of the resurrection we see ourselves as God intended and that changes everything and allows us to be kind even when we find it difficult. Living into the Resurrection allows us to look at life and be incredibly grateful, because life makes more sense through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Let’s strive as God’s people to always hold and challenge each other to live into the Resurrection, so we can be a church and the people of God that the world can see are kind and grateful.

2) Brings peace in the midst of death.

Death is one of the most scary, uncertain times for people. The sad reality is we all have been affected by the death of a loved one. Without the Resurrection of Jesus, the reality is there is not much comfort or hope. But, since Christ has been raised from the dead, and that is one of the most verified facts in human history, we have the hope, peace, and comfort knowing that are loved ones who have died have been raised to be with Christ. What happened to Jesus that first Easter Sunday will in fact happen to us as well! When we live into the Resurrection it will bring peace in the midst of death.


Friends, we live in a world that is looking for hope, looking for understanding, and looking for something to believe in, let’s be a people that live into the Resurrection both now and forevermore.

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