on Palm Sunday

Church, this Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, the most important week in our church calendar and our Christian existence. I encourage you on Sunday to come with eyes anew to hear the story, feel the excitement, but also be aware of what is brewing behind the scenes of this celebrated entrance of Jesus to Jerusalem. Get ready to wave your palm branches and shout, “Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”

There are a few takeaways I hope we as a church can embrace and take with us throughout Holy Week.

  1. A spirit of humility.

I think it is very easy to look at how quickly things went south for Jesus in many ways and for us to have a spirit of pride. Thoughts such as, “We would never do that,” “We wouldn’t have fled,” and so on are very easy for us to think. We have to remember at that time the Resurrection hadn’t occurred yet, and during our time we have the blessed assurance that Christ has been raised for the dead. It is tough to say how any of us would act in a hypothetical situation, but let’s make sure we act humbly and gracefully during Holy Week.

2. Celebrate that Christ has come.

What great news! What an amazing God we serve who makes Himself known to us and wants us to know Him. Palm Sunday is the beginning of something incredible! Christ continues to come into our lives when we expect Him and in many cases when we do not.

3. Do not be silent.

When you receive great news you have to share it. It’s human nature, if you win the lottery you more than likely will call all of your family and friends, probably right after you find out how much the IRS cut will be. Tell the good news, post it on social media, invite your family and friends to church, and keep talking about what God has done and what God is doing.

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