The Kingdom of God

We have begun a new journey. Our overarching journey has always been to know Jesus more and be found falling in love with Him each and every day. However, our purpose is to have our theology stretched during this time in such a powerful way that we can continually become mature, courageous Christians. One big step toward that transformation is for us to live into and understand this doctrine of the Kingdom of God.

  1. The Kingdom of God’s first glimpses came in Jesus’ incarnation.

When we discuss and look at incarnational theology one of the phrases we don’t see is the Kingdom of God. We often look at the relationship between sin and God’s relationship with humanity. But, the conversation doesn’t often reflect on the first fruits of the Kingdom of God. We see the Kingdom as a future reality where God rules with a perfect peace, perfect love, and perfect grace and the first glimpses of that are Jesus’ earthly ministry, death, resurrection, and ascension.

“Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.” Is one of the most common phrases uttered from Jesus in all of the Gospels. It is a reminder and a call to a sense of urgency that something has shifted in the cultural paradigm. There’s a new reality, a new kingdom, a new covenant, and a new future destination and they all are centered in Jesus Christ.

2. The Location of the Kingdom is quite impossible to pin down.

One of the big debates in scholarly circles is where will the Kingdom be located. Since earth has been affected by sin, some scholars believe the old Heavens and old Earth will pass away and a new location will be created. Other such as NT Wright believe that the Kingdom of God will come down from Heaven and the location will be on earth. Both ideas have merit and credibility, the thing to know and remember is that the future location is not important. What is important is do you know the ruler of the Kingdom?

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