On Politics

Many of us have politics on our minds during these days. We are walking in fear and trepidation as we fully don’t know what will happen on November 8th or in what direction our country we go. Here are a few reminders for the days and weeks ahead:

  1. Look to rise above all the noise.

We live in a culture that is filled with shouting, name calling, and belittling people all the time. We are called to be a people who live in the world but are not part of it. Jesus’ followers are called to be salt and light, and in so doing we will push back the darkness, the noise, and the chaos our world seems to be in at the moment.

Learn to respect all. Pray for those who hurt you with their words, and we need to be a people who know the truth of scripture, live the truth in love, and look to bring others to follow Jesus no matter what.

2. God won’t be surprised by the results.

I promise God won’t be surprised when CNN declares the winner. We live in a time and a day when many Christians love to talk about faith but many don’t want their faith tested or stretched. This will be a time that will test and stretch your faith especially if you did not vote for the winning candidate. Please know that God is not surprised, and God is calling the church to continually stand up and be the church during these times.

3. Don’t get distracted in the minutia.

The entire goal of our existence is to bring others to a life saving relationship with Jesus Christ and to enjoy Jesus forever. Please don’t get bogged down in the political name calling and noise of this generation. Politics are important. It is important to know the candidates and to vote your values, but please know that God raises up leaders both elected and not to accomplish His will all the time. He’s been doing it since Creation, and I know He will continue to do it until the Kingdom fully comes.




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