on 4 Prayers a Week

We live in a crazy time to be the people of God. In many moments it seems that our world is spinning out of control, chaos and violence rule the day, and we often have more questions than we do answers. God chose us to witness to Him during these days, and I cannot think of a higher honor for us.

I’m constantly floored that the God of the universe trusts us enough to make His name and mission known to the world. God also equips us to be able to succeed in this mission. We aren’t just tossed in the “deep end” of the world without everything we need to succeed. Despite our failures, ignorance, limitations, and baggage God still uses the church to accomplish His mission of making disciples and grow the church. Prayer is one of the most powerful weapons the church has in breaking down barriers and making disciples for Jesus Christ.

Prayer is very powerful and can be very effective, when used in Jesus’ name. During our looking and study of prayer we saw that many of us do pray, but our prayers our focused inward and on our own glory. The question we looked and continue to look at is what would happen if we began to pray, pray powerfully, and pray consistently for our church? Prayers move the heart of God, and we know that God is honored and glorified when His children pray first and foremost for His will to be done. What would our church look like if we committed to praying four times a week for our church, its witness, its leaders, its vision, and for the church to make vibrant, effective disciples of Jesus Christ? I don’t know about you, but I’m through wondering, and I want to see the power and glory of God exude from Second Ave. to touch the world! Let’s begin by committing to praying for our church four times a week, every week!


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