Samuel’s Steps of Faith

Samuel 3:1-10 

Samuel’s first step of faith is taken by someone else (his family) that step is bringing him to be part of the worship of God and the ways of God’s family.

The second step in Samuel’s faith journey is that he lives alongside worshipers of God, and learns to live and act like a follower of God. This is still before he comes to faith in God.

Third, Samuel is trained in the things of God. Learning how to minister before the Lord. This is also before he comes to faith.

The fourth step for Samuel is that he hears God’s call.

The Fifth step in his journey of faith is that Samuel acknowledges God  by faith, and with the help of another.

Then sixth, Samuel accepts God’s instruction and carries out the work of the God as his Lord.

Where are you in these steps of faith? Would you like someone to help, to provide a little guidance or prayer. We will be so happy to help you. If you are a woman or girl we’ll point you to a woman who can help you on your faith journey. If you are a guy, we’ll have a guy team with you. We’ll keep you in our prayers as well.


Below is a summary of Samuel’s steps of faith. If you are already part of our faith community you have two evangelistic responsibilities:

  1. Make sure you help live the love of God and the forgiveness of Jesus into our faith community, so people who come here can taste and see that the Lord is good.
  2. Invite friends, relatives, associates and neighbors to be part of this faith community.

Samuel’s Steps of Faith for Today

1. Become part of the faith community
2. Learn to live like a follower of God
3. Be trained to serve God
4. Hear God’s call
5. Acknowledge God by faith, with the help of another
6. Accept the responsibilities God has for you in this faith community







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