They devoted themselves to their “shared meals”: Acts 2:42

On Sunday, I challenged us to be devoted to sharing together in the meal that forms our identity as children of God. Here are the four actions I’m proposing:

1. (Family Level) Begin now to find creative ways to retell the whole story over a meal at home.
From the Creation to Jesus’ return, be sure to stress our part in the story.
2. (Personal Level) If you don’t know the story, the whole story, It’s seriously time to learn it. Stay tuned for a Sunday School hour program of 5-6 weeks on learning to tell The Story
3. (Church Level) Don’t miss Communion! It forms you into the image of Christ.
4. (Pastor Level) It’s on me and the worship planning team to find ways to enhance the Holy Communion experience to make it more effective at building our identity as part of God’s grand story.

Let me know how I can help you.

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