Prayer Vigil!

We need a few more leaders for our prayer vigil. Will you lead an hour? We are praying and fasting this month, asking for God to send a fresh fire of God’s Holy Spirit into our hearts, lives and our community. This vigil will take place on 11/22-11/23. Everyone who is not leading an hour, please sign up at church to pray with one of the leaders for an hour.

Leaders so far are…

Saturday 8am – 9am
Sharon Lang -S
Saturday 9am – 10am
Jean Tyack-Y
Saturday 10am – 11am
Cheryl Rupp-S
Saturday 11am – 12pm
George/Karen Sackandy-Y
Saturday 12pm – 1pm
Nicki Schenk-S
Saturday 1pm – 2pm
Jerry/Doris Stalnaker-Y
Saturday 2pm – 3pm
Shirley Trindel-S
Saturday 3pm – 4pm
Danny Billeter-Y
Saturday 4pm – 5pm
Kathy Bickel/-S
Saturday 5pm – 6pm
Sharon Williams-Y
Saturday 6pm – 7pm
Don/Kim Ferguson-S
Saturday 7pm – 8pm
Lisa Hann-Y
Saturday 8pm – 9pm
Pastor Bob & Debbie-S
Saturday 9pm – 10pm
Henry & Ashley Langston-Y
Saturday 10pm – 11pm
Christine Hopkins-S
Saturday 11pm – 12am
Rachel Foose-Y
Sunday 12am – 1am
Steve & Denise Boyer-S
Sunday 1am – 2am
Kathy Davidhizer-Y
Sunday 2am – 3am
Kathy Davidhizar-S
Sunday 3am – 4am
Sunday 4am – 5am
 Cheryl Rupp
Sunday 5am – 6am
Gary & Kelly Aharrah
Sunday 6am – 7am
Pastor Bob-S
Sunday 7am – 8am
Sue Anderson-Y
  • Call or email the office to sign up as a leader or to pray with a leader.
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